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why I’ll vote for any republican now

March 30, 2012 by tbholdren

A while back, I began telling friends and family that I was going to sit this general election out. Why? It looked like Mitt Romney, the least conservative candidate in a Republican Primary already lacking in real conservatives, was going to win the nomination. How could I, in good concience, vote for Obama Light™, the father of Romneycare and, thus, grandfather of Obamacare?

Official Footwear of the Republican Party

Official Footwear of the Republican Party

I was tired of the Republican establishment expecting all of us to line up, hold our noses, and pull the lever for whatever moderate, wishy-washy candidate they thought could out-maneuver the democrats in wooing independents and minorities (spoiler alert: It didn’t work for John McCain).

So, I was determined to sit this one out in protest. Better four more years of Obama to teach the elitists a lesson than another 20 years of flip-flopping RINO presidential hopefuls.

But that was before this week.

That was before Barack Obama agreed to sell out our missile defense plans for some political help from… Vladimir Putin? Why is the president of the United States telling the Russians, of all countries, to give him some time until his second term. Why would he need to wait until his second term, you ask? Because after this election he won’t care what the American people think about his policies anymore, we can’t vote him out.

That was before Barack Obama, instead of opting to not comment, like a reasonable government official, threw in on the whole Trayvon Martin mess, stating “If I had a son he would have looked like Treyvon,“. So, here we have a situation where the president seemingly throws his sympathy and support behind the black side of what was initially reported as a white-on-black crime. Only, it turn out George Zimmerman is acutally hispanic.

Black Panthers Logo

Newly Proposed Justice Department Logo

Regardless, I would expect our chief executive to handle this potential racial relations disaster with kid gloves, as opposed to trying to score political points with the black community at the cost of national unity. Why hasn’t the president called on the Black Panthers to rescind the bounty they have placed on George Zimmerman’s head? What is this, the wild wild west? Are bounty hunters legal now? Would the President be silent if the KKK had put a bounty on a black neighborhood watch member who had shot a white (alleged) hoodlum?

No, as much as it pains me to do it, I will vote for whoever the republican nominee is, even Mitt Romney. If the man is this reckless when he has an election coming up in November, I shudder to think of what he can and will do given another four years, only this time around, he’ll be unaccountable to the nation.

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