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  1. Wage Discrimination Against Women = False

    February 25, 2013 by sholdren

    Tired of hearing people complain about wage discrimination against women in the workplace? Here is an excellent video description of why women generally earn less, and why this is not due to the phony “War on Women”.

  2. why I’ll vote for any republican now

    March 30, 2012 by tbholdren

    A while back, I began telling friends and family that I was going to sit this general election out. Why? It looked like Mitt Romney, the least conservative candidate in a Republican Primary already lacking in real conservatives, was going to win the nomination. How could I, in good concience, vote for Obama Light™, the father of Romneycare and, thus, grandfather of Obamacare?

    Official Footwear of the Republican Party

    Official Footwear of the Republican Party

    I was tired of the Republican establishment expecting all of us to line up, hold our noses, and pull the lever for whatever moderate, wishy-washy candidate they thought could out-maneuver the democrats in wooing independents and minorities (spoiler alert: It didn’t work for John McCain).

    So, I was determined to sit this one out in protest. Better four more years of Obama to teach the elitists a lesson than another 20 years of flip-flopping RINO presidential hopefuls.

    But that was before this week.

    That was before Barack Obama agreed to sell out our missile defense plans for some political help from… Vladimir Putin? Why is the president of the United States telling the Russians, of all countries, to give him some time until his second term. Why would he need to wait until his second term, you ask? Because after this election he won’t care what the American people think about his policies anymore, we can’t vote him out.

    That was before Barack Obama, instead of opting to not comment, like a reasonable government official, threw in on the whole Trayvon Martin mess, stating “If I had a son he would have looked like Treyvon,“. So, here we have a situation where the president seemingly throws his sympathy and support behind the black side of what was initially reported as a white-on-black crime. Only, it turn out George Zimmerman is acutally hispanic.

    Black Panthers Logo

    Newly Proposed Justice Department Logo

    Regardless, I would expect our chief executive to handle this potential racial relations disaster with kid gloves, as opposed to trying to score political points with the black community at the cost of national unity. Why hasn’t the president called on the Black Panthers to rescind the bounty they have placed on George Zimmerman’s head? What is this, the wild wild west? Are bounty hunters legal now? Would the President be silent if the KKK had put a bounty on a black neighborhood watch member who had shot a white (alleged) hoodlum?

    No, as much as it pains me to do it, I will vote for whoever the republican nominee is, even Mitt Romney. If the man is this reckless when he has an election coming up in November, I shudder to think of what he can and will do given another four years, only this time around, he’ll be unaccountable to the nation.

  3. a slight change of focus for

    March 12, 2012 by tbholdren

    Up until this point, this site has been a place where Sue and I occasionally post family news, and I ramble on about politics from time to time. With the advent of Twitter and Facebook, however, the number of family updates here took a sharp dive.

    Sue and I are going to re-focus this site. There may still be family updates from time to time, but you can find more than you could have ever possibly wanted to know about our family life by following either of us on twitter or Sue on Facebook. I’ll try to make sure these family-related links are always displayed prominently on the side-bar.

    Sue and I are Christians first, parents second, Canadian/American (respectively) third. Both of us are interested in American politics, are fairly creative, conservative, and Sue has a knack for artistry and is interested in doing production work using flash and/or home video. With the death of Andrew Breitbart, and the media’s recent cowing of Rush Limbaugh, the voices of conservatism are being silenced. I’m not going to pretend we’re going to even begin to fill either of those pair of shoes (Rush is still wearing his), but I figure that even if all we can accomplish is to help our own family become more aware of what is going on in their country (or in their children’s country), then it’ll be worth it.

    Fair warning: This also means that occasionally I will have to link to material that I definitely would not have before when this site was mainly focused on family updates. I will give sufficient warning on any harsh content before I do so.

    This is also the last time I’m going to say this: I know there is prophecy over this nation. I know what Brother Branham said. But I’m still going to let my voice be heard crying out against the darkness; I refuse to be silent. How I feel can be summed up in the final two lines of one of my favorite poems:

    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  4. why I like Tim Tebow

    January 11, 2012 by tbholdren

    To be honest, I really shouldn’t like him. Anyone that makes John Elway happy (after The Drive) should not be on my nice list.

    Tebowing (or, praying, rather)

    There are several reason to like Tim Tebow, but I’ll list just a few:

    1. This kid loves football, and he loves what he’s doing. His heartfelt celebrations after every play are evidence enough of this. It’s always a pleasure to watch someone who enjoys their work.
    2. He’s a running quarterback! How exciting is it to watch someone who’s supposed to throw the ball out of bounds whenever a receiver isn’t open instead tear off down the field and go head-to-head with the biggest defenders in the league? The added threat of a great rushing passer keeps defenses on their toes and makes games more unpredictable. Very fun.
    3. Who doesn’t love an underdog? David vs. Goliath. This unorthodox, scrappy team’s on-field leader has been told since he was drafted that he’s not cut out for the NFL. First they said he’d never win a game. Then they said he’d never have a string of wins. Then they said he’d never make the playoffs. Then they said he’d never win a playoff game. Now they’re saying he’ll never beat Tom Brady’s Patriots. I know who I’m rooting for 🙂
    4. Every time this guy gets criticized (and he does, constantly, from every direction), he just stays humble, smiles and keeps on doing what he’s doing. If you know who you are, and are confident, you can succeed despite the most withering attacks from anyone. I love that.
    5. All of his charity work, even if he weren’t a Christian, makes him a great person. There’s the Tim Tebow Foundation. Through it, he’s builing a hospital in the place of his birth (The Phillipines) for the people there, and there’s the W15H deal where he meets with children with disabilities to encourage them like Bailey Knaub.
    6. How often these days do you see an NFL player who actually WANTS to be a role model to kids?
    7. This guy is genuine. Whether it’s kneeling after every success to give thanks to God, or keeping himself pure until marriage, Tim Tebow is a genuine Christian. Maybe he doesn’t know the message of the hour, but it seems to me he’s living what he knows, and I pray God always blesses him for that. Like it’s been said, “When asked about his team, he praises them. When asked about his coaches, he praises them. When asked about himself, he praises God.”

    Win or lose against the patriots next week, I have a new favorite player in the NFL. I just hope they don’t have to play the Browns in the playoffs next year.

    I’ll leave you with my favorite Tebow clip… they had a microphone on him all game when they had a come-from-behind miracle win against the Chicago Bears. Why is he so cool under pressure and criticism? Listen to him sing, “Our God is an Awesome God” as he takes the field…

    My favorite quote from that video, “Dear Jesus, I need You. Please come through for me. No matter what, win or lose. Lord, give me the strength to honor You.

    Does God care about who wins football games? I seriously doubt it. But, I truly believe God would honor and answer a prayer like that.

  5. I can admit when I’m wrong

    December 14, 2011 by tbholdren

    And I backed the wrong man. Sorry Mr. Cain, good luck in whatever you do that doesn’t involve politics.

    It would appear that now we are stuck with Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, as Rick Perry has made himself into an internet meme.

    Don’t know enough about Newt, other than that he claims to be conservative whilst having an extremely spotted history (ie. paling around with Nancy Pelosi, being married thrice). Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is a beltway RHINO who honestly believes it’s simply his turn to be president.

    Wish Michele Bachmann hadn’t flamed out so fast.

  6. I’m a raaaaaacist for liking Herman Cain

    November 2, 2011 by tbholdren

    White folks just can’t win in this country. African-american GOP frontrunner and great conservative Herman Cain is currently making news for both the left and the right.

    H-Cain, yo.

    After years of claiming that Tea-Partiers (i.e. white people) are against Barack Obama’s policies because they are racist, liberals are now telling us that white people only like Herman Cain because it gives them an “I’m not racist” alibi.

    This is one of the most offensive things I’ve ever heard. And what is, “He’s a black man who knows his place,” supposed to mean, dearie? Is it his masters degree from Purdue in computer science? Being the CEO of a nationwide restaurant? His work for the US Navy? Being a cancer survivor? A devout Christian? What part of this would indicate that white people think he “knows his place”?

    Oh…. wait. I get it, now. You’re upset that he’s a republican. A conservative republican. Apparently, us whiteys are all just so golly-gee-whillikers happy he isn’t on welfare or protesting Wall-street or smoking a crack pipe that we’re gonna vote for him based on his skin color and dodging a few stereotypes. There’s obviously no other reason Tea-Partiers could like this guy. Nope. Not a thing.

    But, perhaps I’m misreading all this. I’m starting to believe the real reason liberals are trying so hard to discredit conservatives being enamored with Herman Cain is that they’re just jealous of his lovely singing voice:

    Update: Please, please, please let these allegations of sexual misconduct against Herman Cain be false. I really, really like this guy.

  7. arizona shootings, pre-amble

    January 11, 2011 by tbholdren

    I don’t have time to make a full posting on this yet, but I would like to pre-empt myself by making two quick points:

    1. My prayers for a speedy and full recovery go out for Representative Gabrielle Giffords. My condolences and prayers also go out to the families of the other victims of this terrible incident. God bless and help them all.
    2. The following words need to be heretofore removed from all political discussion: “hateful,” “toxic/poison/bile,” “spew/vomit”, and “rhetoric.” Especially “rhetoric.” For example, the sentence:

    “Sarah Palin is so hateful, all she does is spew her hateful, toxic rhetoric!”

    would necessarily be changed to:

    “Sarah Palin is someone I strongly disagree with, and I really wish that she would stop expressing her point of view in a way that effectively resonates with a vast number of Americans, which lessens the political impact of my own arguments!”

    See what I did there? That second sentence is an awful lot more honest and makes one sound more like a rational, sensible adult and less like a opportunistic, cliched drone repeating whatever you just heard on MSNBC or read on the Huffington Post.

    More to come.

  8. everybody draw mohammed day

    May 20, 2010 by tbholdren

    There is a page on Facebook, which I will not link to, that currently is in a state of flux. Internet Jihadists are trying to bring down the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” page, a page made to protest the threats of violence throughout the last half-decade, from Muslims towards anyone who would dare to blaspheme by drawing an image, whether respectful or not, of their prophet Mohammed. (I will not link to it, and will suggest that NO ONE visit the page because it IS offensive to all, not just Muslims. I agree with the concept, but cannot approve of some very offensive imagery there, with even some directed at Jesus).

    As I have said before, I am a Christian. I love and respect the Lord Jesus Christ. But I do not expect, nor require, everyone around me to do the same. It is our God-given right (free-moral agency) to believe what we want, to obey whatever religious code we wish. No man has a right to enforce those codes upon others.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to disrespect Jesus Christ, but I would die for their right to disrespect him, because it is that same freedom from religion that gives me the government-protected right to worship how I choose.

    Some suggest that we should censor ourselves in an effort to reach out to Muslims in respect and “understanding.” That we should obey their religious traditions in some noble effort to bring them out of the dark ages. This is an appeaser’s argument, trading freedom for (peace and) security. Such people deserve neither. (Thanks, Benjamin Franklin.)

    I think Michelle Malkin’s post sums up my feelings on the issue quite nicely. Very good read.

    p.s. Do NOT click that link on Michelle’s page to the EDMD page unless for some reason you want to see some VERY offensive imagery. Final warning.