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  1. guess who’s not coming to dinner?

    May 3, 2011 by tbholdren

    Looks like somebody finally gets to discover the answer to the question: Exactly how many virgins does Allah give you when you get to heaven?

    50?  32?  6?  1?  Not even one?
    Nope. Sorry Mr. Bin Laden. Not even one.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Although this won’t bring back any of our lost loved ones, our American brothers and sisters who died in the attack, nor the countless heroes lost fighting terrorism overseas… maybe it will help bring closure to the hearts and minds of a few of those bereaved. And possibly discourage “The Next Bin Laden.”

    It may be too soon to look at this in terms of political impact… but this will definitely give Obama a bump with moderates and conservatives… for a while. The media is currently portraying the president as not only a decisive commander in chief, they’re practically putting him in the compound pulling the trigger on Osama!

    Put your hands in they air!  Up where I can see them!
    You gotta ask yourself, Osama… do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

    Like I said, this will help him out with his poll numbers. Oddly, the people who love him the most are the ones who won’t be impressed at what was accomplished. The left abhors the war on terror, any display of American force, and our military in general. So this won’t win him any points with his disenfranchised base.

    I, personally, applaud the president for his decisive action in this case. I didn’t think he had it in him, and I was proven wrong. I still wouldn’t vote for him in any election, anywhere. But credit where credit is due… begrudgingly 🙂


  2. I met… Glenn Beck?

    December 14, 2010 by tbholdren

    I’m home here, sick as a dog, but we desperately needed to go get some groceries. I shoveled the driveway as best I could manage, and we were able to plow the car out into the street, slipping and sliding all the way through our development out to the main road.

    It was then that Sue reminded me that she wanted to go to the bookstore for a chance to meet someone pretty interesting. Turns out Glenn Beck was going to be at our local Border’s bookstore today signing copies of his new book, “Broke”.

    Broke, in more ways than one.

    Now, not only was I not feeling very well, and I looked terrible (just got done shoveling 800 metric tons of snow), AND both kids were asleep in the back of the car, but I thought, “You know, it’s not every day you’re a 15 minute drive away from meeting someone as famous as Glenn Beck.”

    So, as ridiculous as I looked, I decided to head on over there: The plan was that Sue would go in and buy a copy and then stand in line while I was in the car with the sleeping kids, and once she got the signed copy, I’d head in there (hopefully before he left) and steal a glance at the guy.

    As we pulled up, we noticed a big, black-tinted window bus that he was probably using to tool around in. So, I dropped Sue off at the door at around 1:05pm (he was to be there signing from 12:30am-1:30pm), and she came outside about 10 minutes later with a book, but no signature. She basically told me that we probably got there too late, and that he’d probably be leaving before he got a chance to sign it. But, she still thought I should go in for a chance to see him and to maybe even try getting the book signed. She snapped the following photo while inside:

    Yes, THE Glenn Beck.

    As I walked in, I noticed around 50-60 people huddled around the back of the building. Sure enough, there was Glenn Beck with a police officer and 2-3 book-tour assistants. He was in a blue comfy looking sweater. It was kinda unreal to see him IRL.

    I thought I was standing in line to get my book signed (about 10 people in front of me), but then I noticed another line off to the left that winded up and down the book aisles. I said to the cop, “Lemme guess… THAT’s the real line over there.”


    “5 minutes, everyone,” one of the assistants nervously chirped. “5 minutes until Glenn has to leave!” Nuts, I thought. Might as well try.

    As I got in the back of the line, I heard some of the chatter of folks around me. One talked about how much a signed copy would go for online. Someone else mentioned that, “There’s no way he’ll be able to sign our books, he has to be in Columbus AND Cincinatti later today!” Another said, “If he doesn’t sign my book, I’m taking it right back.” I was thinking the same thing, but I wasn’t about to say it out loud…

    Another gentleman was commenting on how they could have handled this better, using a limited number of books (150-200) at the desk Glenn stood at, and just tell everyone “sorry” once they ran out. I responded that, although that sounded like a good idea, I’ve never actually ran one of these events, and I’m sure there are logistical issues with that approach as well.

    The line went surprisingly fast. I thought for sure, “Any second now one of those nervous-looking little assistants is going to announce to us that ‘GLENN BECK HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.” To my astonishment, I finally reached near the front of the line. One of the assistants came up to me and asked to see my book. I asked him if he needed to see my receipt, but he said, “no.” He opened it to one of the inner pages, and as I got even closer, another gentleman took my book and handed it to Glenn.

    He looked exactly like he does on TV (or, youtube, since I don’t have a TV.) I figured he was pretty rushed, so I wasn’t going to say anything as I was handed my freshly-signed copy of the book. “Neat,” I thought. At least he stuck around long enough to sign the book. I was turning to walk away, when Glenn said, “Sir?,” and extended his hand out to me. I didn’t think he’d have time for a handshake, but apparently he did. I firmly shook his hand, smiled and said, “Keep up the good work, Mr. Beck.”

    I must have been more nervous than I thought, because I had already turned to walk away as he said, “Merry Christmas.” I get terribly nervous around preachers I don’t know, let alone nationwide celebrities. Hope I didn’t seem rude 🙂

    I haven’t listened to Glenn as much as I have some of the other conservative pundits (Mark Levin, Rush, Hannity, etc.), but I do appreciate that he tries to interweave a spiritual message in with his conservative rhetoric. He’s a Mormon, but I don’t get the gist that he’s trying to lead Americans to Mormonism, but just a traditional American faith in God. And that’s a better than 99.9% of the celebrities in this nation (the man even said “God bless you,’ to someone after me in line).

    He describes himself as a “Rodeo Clown.” I could say the same thing about myself when I’m in a crowd, always going for the laugh. I don’t think he’ll be able to turn America around, but I believe he’s genuine, and would truly like to see that happen. I can admire that.

    His signature is actually less legible than my own.

    I look forward to reading it 🙂

  3. ridiculous tsa fiasco continues

    November 22, 2010 by tbholdren

    The last thing in the world I want is some bored, underpaid government flunkie groping my wife and children while I stand by idly awaiting my turn. Or having grotesque scans of them leaked out to the internet.

    I am seriously considering not flying again until this garbage ceases (thankfully I have no travel plans in the immediate future). Regardless, this is an extreme violation of the privacy and dignity of all travelers. How much more must we sacrifice at the altar of political correctness before we start properly identifying our enemies?

    Subjecting nuns and children to the same examination techniques used on suspected criminals says an awful lot about how our government views its own citizenry. Can we not find a better way?

    I thank God for the backlash this absurdity has received. It seems America is saying, “ENOUGH!…”


    I can almost hear the raucous laughter bellowing out from caves deep beneath the mountains of Afghanistan.

  4. you go girl!

    November 9, 2010 by tbholdren

    Apparently, San Fran Nancy Pelosi is going to attempt to stay on as Minority leader in the house. As she IS the most toxic personality in America today (even more than GW), this is great news for conservatives everywhere, as she will continue to attach herself to (and drag down) the liberal agenda.

    It’s not quite awesome enough for the “happy days are here again” song, but it is a minor cause for celebration. I hereby present… the FINAL FANTASY VICTORY COCKATIEL!

    … at least Andrew will like it 🙂

  5. happy days are… well. hmm.

    November 3, 2010 by tbholdren

    I was all prepared to re-post my “happy days are here again” youtube clip again. Republicans swept the House, as expected. 65+ seats. That’s great news. A much-deserved farewell to San Fran Nan as speaker of the house.

    The bad news is: Joe Miller may lose to Princess Murkowski in Alaska, Barbara Boxer still has a job, and, the most bitter pill of all… Harry Reid is still the Senate Majority Leader.

    So, to the people of Nevada in particular, I present:

    the double facepalm

    And to the republicans, well…

    ceiling cat is watching you

    Ceiling cat is watching you legislate. Don’t think the American people put you back in power to go back to business as usual. We don’t want compromise. This is not about you, it’s about conservatism. You’d better cowboy-up and get to work rolling back the damage the democrats have done, or next election cycle… you’ll be the ones facing the tidal wave.

    Ugh, I just remembered… this means Joy Behar and Karl Rove victory laps today. Not looking forward to that.

  6. burning the koran

    September 9, 2010 by tbholdren

    Pentecostal pastor Terry Jones of Louisiana is planning on spending three hours throwing Korans (the “Bible” of Muslims) on a bonfire this Saturday evening.

    Pastor Terry Jones

    Now, I have zero respect for the Koran, as it is not a holy book. Anyone who claims to be a Christian, must believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. The only way, truth, and life. Therefore, the Koran is a false book written by a false prophet.

    That’s my personal conviction. I’m sure that all true Muslims feel the same way about the New Testament, and most of the Old Testament. A little quid-pro-quo, I suppose.

    However, in the presence of a Muslim (or anyone for that matter), no matter how ridiculous I thought it was, I would not insult the thing they cherish most, out of respect for them. I would hope for the same in return.

    Oddly, America is selectively offended by this. Nobody in the media or government cries when a Bible is spit upon. Burned. Its pages used as toilet paper by blasphemers. These displays, no matter how antagonistic, after all, are protected under freedom of speech. Everyone from Hillary to Obama to the Vatican have weighed in and condemned the book BBQ as “hateful,” “despicable,” “dangerous to our troops,” etc. etc.

    Fortunately for many people, Christians don’t threaten to murder folks who disrespect us or our beliefs, even when those acts wounds us deeply in spirit.

    With the encroachment of the Ground-Zero mosque, and living under a government that constantly bends over backwards (… or bows) to avoid offending Muslims, I can understand this man’s frustration, and see what has driven him to this point.

    I have two holy scriptures, though, that I believe would discourage this act:

    “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”
    – Romans 12:18

    “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”
    – Matthew 7:12

    This is definitely not going to engender peace with any man, and it will probably cause a smearing of Christ’s name in many, many circles, as retribution for this act.

    Now, sometimes, God causes his men to do things that are offensive to shock the people from their deep slumber. The Old Testament is full of such examples.

    But any man can claim to have done something because “God told him to.” I hope this pastor reconsiders. Not, as a coward, for fear of Muslim reprisal. But because this is not, I believe, an accurate enactment of God’s will.

  7. vanity fair (some magazine) doesn’t like Sarah Palin

    September 3, 2010 by tbholdren

    Vanity Fair posts some garbage article taking pot shots at Sarah Palin. (p.s. avoid comments section for safety)

    Is this what now passes for journalism in this country? No fact checking? No scrutinizing of news sources? The entire VF article can be summarized as: “I don’t like Sarah Palin. Here’s a bunch of people (I can’t tell you who they are), who knew Sarah Palin (in some unspecified capacity), who told me, at some time, some mean things about her. So you should stop liking her.”

    Really? That’s it? No names? Dates? Places? FACTS? We’re just making stuff up now? There are liberal websites who are RUNNING with the quotes from this article like it’s the gospel.

    I can understand not liking someone on the other side of the political spectrum, and trying to convince folks on their side to jump ship. But, can we at least pretend to verify our smears before we publish them in a nationally-read magazine? For crying out loud.

    I am not a fan of Barack Obama. But I don’t believe, like 20% of America, that he is a “secret muslim.” Why? Because no matter how sensational the claims, the facts are:

    1. He maintains that he is a Christian.
    2. He did not attend a mosque. He attended a christian church (bolded quotes thanks to you, Rev. Wright).
    3. He is probably sympathetic to Islam because that’s what his dad (who refused to raise him) was, which makes him appear to lean (bow?) their direction too often, causing suspicion.
    4. He doesn’t have time to pray to Mecca five times per day (too busy playing golf? :).


    WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG POST TO BRING YOU A SPECIAL BULLETIN! One time, I met this one guy who knew a lady who heard from a kid that may have (at some time in his/her life) lived in Chicago that Obama has a secret mosque built underground in his backyard! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who the kid is, when he told me, or bother to verify whether or not there actually is even room for a mosque in his backyard. But now you know the TRUTH OBAMA IS A SECRET MOOOOOOOSLIM! Vote Republican.


    See, I can be a “journalist,” too.

  8. two reasons I’m a conservative

    April 15, 2010 by tbholdren

    I think that having children has greatly affected my political choices. Once you realize that, every time you say “gimme gimme gimme, take all the freedoms you want but gimme stuff Mr. Government!” that you’re actually stealing from the next generation (or, in a parent’s case, your own children), you begin to look at things differently.

    You’re robbing them of their tax dollars, their liberty, and, ultimately, their future. As is always the case as a parent, you eventually put aside your selfish needs and wants and are compelled to do things with their benefit weighted above your own.

    So, two more reasons I’m a conservative: Silas and Brianna.

    Just a random micro-blog. I may do more, smaller updates in the future as opposed to the 300 word ones nobody reads 😉

  9. a day which will live in infamy

    March 23, 2010 by tbholdren

    I have heard questions, since this debate began, paraphrased as, “How could you be against health care for more people?” Or, “How could you be against free health care?”

    These people do not (or cannot) understand that the issue at hand for the American to debate is not necessarily, “What more can my government give me?” but rather, “What liberties is my government taking from me?”

    First of all, although this bill may be the biggest social entitlement boondoggle in the history of ever, it is NOT free health care. We are not Canada. Not yet. This bill forces everyone in America to purchase government-approved health insurance, and requires every employer in America to provide government-approved health insurance (god have mercy on small business owners). It also mandates that health insurers can no longer turn away customers due to pre-existing conditions.

    An analogy for this might be sitting on the roof of your home as it floats down the Mississippi river, whipping out your cell phone, and calling State Farm to ask for flood insurance. Under this new bill, they would be legally obligated to pay for your brand new house-boat.

    It is now a misnomer to refer to it as “health care insurance.” It should be more appropriately titled, “paying somebody a fraction of the cost when you get sick so they can get stuck with the bill”. With this business model no longer viable, it is expected that most private insurance companies will go out of business, and private insurance will only be available to the richest of the rich (such as when Newfoundland, Canada Premier Danny Williams chose to come to America to avoid the Canadian health care system’s long waiting lines on heart surgery).

    Don’t be fooled by propaganda. No one can legally be denied health care in this nation. That is a fact. As a believer in the personal liberties guaranteed by our constitution, I also know know that there is nothing in this nation that stops a person from acquiring sufficient private health insurance if they so desire it. We have a privilege, and there is sufficient opportunity for all regardless of race or religion. It’s called getting a decent job. This is what our founders promised us. Opportunity, not entitlements. You are free to make a choice concerning whether you pursue it or not.

    Or, rather, you had a choice. Until Sunday. The day liberty died.

    In answer to the first questions posed above: As a Christian, I’d obviously love to give health care, a house, love, puppies, rainbows, and a Cadillac to every man, woman, and child in America. But I live in the real world. I have a family to feed and bills to pay. Our government can’t afford to do it, either. They live in a real world, too. A world in which they are involved in two wars, are in the midst of the greatest recession we’ve seen in decades, owe China half the country, and already fund three mountainous, bankrupt social entitlement programs. But hey, why not just go ahead and order six more “Bank of China” credit cards just because we’ve maxed out the first twelve?

    There is a glimmer of hope in this supposed swamp of apathy; The American people made their voice heard loud and clear throughout this debate, that this was not a change we wanted. We were engaged. We were angry. We were actually paying attention. Our king elected officials in England Washington completely ignored our voices in creating this enormous new tax burden. In the past, this has been referred to as… what was the term? Oh yeah… “Taxation without representation.

    It is not time for a revolution. Not yet. At least not on the scale of what our forefathers engaged in. There is still a realistic political solution to this example of (benevolent) tyranny. If the Republicans pledge to repeal this, take back the House and Senate in 2010, and remove the veto block by taking the White House in 2012 before the bulk of these entitlements go into effect in 2014, we still have a chance. Or, hope and change, if you’d rather.

    We have heard over and over again, “Elections have consequences.” Fair enough. But, I present a new idea; “Legislation has consequences.” America, I submit, has never paid more attention to what its government is doing as it is right now. There is a magnifying glass pointed squarely at Capitol Hill. We are keeping tally, and biding our time. If you can’t hear us now, by God, you will come November.

    Not pictured: Prince Harrry

    I end with a pair of quotes from two men who helped lay the foundation my country and my faith, respectively:

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin, February 17, 1775

    “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
    Saul of Tarsus
    2 Corinthians 3:17

  10. guess what the president still does?

    March 1, 2010 by tbholdren

    smokin' that hydro

    As an American, I am obviously concerned about the health of our President. We disagree politically, but if something happens to him, it would be disruptive upheaval both politically and socially for the country (remember JFK). Let’s not even mention the Biden factor. For his own sake, and to keep his body and mind in top shape for running the country, he should stop. Yesterday.

    As a role model for children, some of whom maybe want to grow up to be President of the United States, it doesn’t send a very healthy message. It also doesn’t portend his success in reforming health care, bringing about peace in the middle east, and stopping global warming when he can’t even kick the habit.

    I realize that being President is stressful, and it would be very easy to slip back into old routines when the squeeze is on. I can sympathize with that… for the average man. But this is our President. It is at these times that a man of great character, a leader, rises above his own base desires and does what is best for others.

    Honestly, I expect more.

    I’m sure that when your daughters grow up, Mr. President, they’ll still want daddy around to see his grandchildren. I pray that those thoughts guide you the next time you begin to instinctively reach for your trusty pack of Marlboro’s in a pinch.