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  1. gays at cpac

    February 24, 2010 by tbholdren

    CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, is a gathering of like-minded conservatives the nation over once per year. The usual suspects give speeches: Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin. They bash liberals and rally ’round the conservative agenda.

    But there was a new voice joining the chorus this year. GOProud, a “gay conservative” group, was in attendance. A man opposed to them, named Ryan Sorba, was allowed to speak. He spent the short time given him chastising the conference for allowing the GOProud crowd to attend. He was booed off the stage by the conference attendees, and labeled a crazy homophobe.

    You’d think he had been speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

    Obviously there are many facets to conservatism: strong national defense, limited government, traditional moral values (social conservatism). If a gay person, who believed in strong national defense and limited government, wanted to attend the conference, I would have no problem with it. Conservatives believe in personal liberty and responsibility, after all. But, when an organized group attends, whose main identity and cause is in direct opposition to one of the basic tenets of conservatism (social conservatism) by supporting gay marriage, then I have an issue. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Either conservatives must reject this group, or abandon their socially conservative principles.

    It looks like a tactic to subvert modern American conservatism from within, if you ask me. I consider myself a conservative because it is the closest political affiliation (in spirit) to what I have faith in, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If the church I attended began to oppose itself, its founding principles (the scriptures), and ordained gay ministers or performed gay marriages, I would find myself a new church.

    As a Christian, social conservatism is at the top of my priorities list. What good is working on fiscal and foreign policy issues to save a nation that has abandoned is moral traditions, corrupted socially within?

    If this is the future of modern American conservatism, then there is no room for Christians in American politics anymore. Perhaps it would be for the best. Instead of looking for an answer from the political system, we’d be more interested in the solution found in Revelation 22:20:

    “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

  2. brown beats coakley in mass.

    January 22, 2010 by tbholdren

    winner vs. loser

    A republican beat a democrat! In Massachusetts! The bluest of the blue states! Ted “Chapaquitic” Kennedy’s senate seat! After we were told that the republicans were done! Finished! A regional, southern, white relic of the past!

    With an upcoming 2010 congressional election, democrats are running like Forrest Gump away from unpopular legislation as the blast wave from this political bomb rocks the blue dogs and the hardened liberals alike. No seat is “safe.”

    But… what of the Obama agenda? Of health care destruction reform? Of cap-and-trade environmental boondoggle legislation? Of immigration shamnesty?

    I think this video sums it up for we conservatives:

  3. war on terror vs. war on man-made-global-warming

    January 8, 2010 by tbholdren

    Sometimes I wonder which one is more futile, the war on terror or the war on CO2.

    Despite our government’s best efforts on both fronts, neither seems to be yielding great results. Man-made global warming is a hoax, so you can’t fight it at all. And hating the USA is the world’s favorite sport, with the most enthusiastic fans obviously coming from the middle east. Yet somehow, we seem to be equally (un)successful in combating either.

    Both employ ridiculously ineffective measures. On the global-warming front, you have cap-and-trade, laughably low-quality compact fluorescent light bulbs, and a President who flies to Copenhagen so the Indians and Chinese won’t have to laugh at him over the phone. What have we succeeded in? Scaring the gullible with sappy videos of drowning polar bears.

    In our struggle against crazy muslim fundamentalists terrorists: The new hour-long pat-down exercise Sue, Silas, Brianna and I endured to be allowed to return to our country wouldn’t have stopped the Nigerian terrorist who tried to blow up that plane Christmas day (henceforth referred to as The Fruit-of-the-Boom Bomber… thanks Rush).

    I seriously doubt these space-age near-pornographic full-body-scanners they’re going to install at airports will stop the future terrorists, who will simply find more creative (and possibly unpleasant) compartments in which to hide the tools of their trade. All we seem to have been successful at is giving those bored-looking airport security guards an embarrassing new toy, and making hour-and-a-half late plane departures the status quo.

    Maybe we’re doing better than the media lets on at stopping terrorists. Maybe the government can’t let us know every time they catch one of these demon-inspired lunatics for security reasons. All I know is that, from where I stand, we seem to be about as effective at stopping terrorists from attempting to down planes as the hippies are at stopping the sun from doing its job keeping me toasty.

    I see only three solutions:

    1.The government needs to be more effecive in communicating how often we successfully stop terrorist activities.
    2.The government needs to take off the kid gloves and use more effective measure to stop them, even if it includes the uncomfortable reality of profiling. Lives are at stake.
    3.We just let Al Gore figure it all out.

  4. the president wins… a WHAT??!?!

    October 9, 2009 by tbholdren

    A Nobel Peace Prize? The Nobel Peace Prize? For reals?

    … can I have one, too? It’d make a nice paperweight next to my ceramic Scooby-doo, and all of my middle-school “star student” awards.

    Maybe they should start awarding Super Bowl trophies to a random team at the start of each season? Shortly thereafter, my 2 1/2 year old son should be given a fourth grade spelling bee trophy! He’s pretty smart, after all. Why not award valedictorian to promising sophomores?

    In all seriousness, what has this man done to bring about peace, other than make fine speeches? I’m sure even the President himself is embarrassed at this choice.

    I'm, uh... I'm not sure what to say.
    I’m, uh… I’m not sure what to say.

    Supposedly he won because he has brought about a “new climate in international politics.” Yeah. Apparently, sometime early this morning, Iran disarmed their nukes, the Taliban disbanded, and Russia decided to play nice with the rest of the world.


    To be fair, the Nobel Peace Prize has been a joke for some time now, having already awarded such notable suspects as Yasser Arafat and Jimmy “President Malaise” Carter.

    Ahm a peanut fahmah!

    A man of peace.  lol

    Considering the prestige the award has accrued over its more recent winners, you may soon hear the following phrases uttered at a location near you!

    • “Hey, I opened a box of Cheerios this morning, and guess what I found?”
    • “I opened a checking account with Citibank earlier, and guess what they gave me?”
    • “Call our number and order now, and we’ll throw in, absolutely free, a Nobel Peace Prize!
    • Read on a T-shirt: “I went to Copenhagen, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt… and a Nobel Peace Prize.”

  5. quit trying to make me a racist

    July 28, 2009 by tbholdren

    Honestly, my parents raised me better. My dad always taught me to respect people, no matter what color they were. Before we were even Christians, we used to watch Sanford and Son together. We didn’t laugh because of the “stupid black guys,” but because we genuinely liked the characters. That they were black merely set a different stage and a unique flavor to the jokes.

    Recently, the Harvard professor of Black Studies, Henry Louis Gates (one of Obama’s buddies), tried to make a racist out of a white cop who was investigating a call of a possible break-in at Gates’ residence. You can read the full story at that link, but Gates had actually broken into his own house because he had locked himself out.

    When the police showed up, Gates exploded (please read police report here). “This is what happens to black men in America!” No, this is what happens when a conscientious neighbor helps to watch over your home while you’re away.

    “Sir, please come outside the residence so we can speak.”

    “I’ll speak to yo’ mama outside!”

    When was the last time you spoke to a cop like that? You know what I say to cops when they question me? “Yes, sir.” “No, sir.” “Thank you, sir.” This Harvard professor was pushing the cop as hard as he could to make a racial issue out of nothing.

    The charges were later dropped. When later asked about the incident, Obama said that the Cambridge police “acted stupidly.” The professor insulted the officer’s mother and screamed at him so long he had to be arrested, and the cop was acting stupidly?

    Of course, the excuse is that this was racial profiling of a white cop against a black man. Racial profiling? Seriously? Sgt. James Crowley (the officer who made the arrest) is considered one of the most upstanding members of the Cambridge police force, and actually teaches racial sensitivity courses! Prof. Gates and Obama are now painting the entire Cambridge police force (even the black officers, apparently) as racists.

    My wife is consistently amazed at the racial divide in this country. In Canada, there is very little issue with racial disharmony. Her persistent question to me, whenever we see news like this, is, “If they don’t want people to be racist, why do they always bring up race in every discussion?”

    Why, indeed.

    It is so hard to stay neutral, and keep an open mind when I am constantly being told how much I supposedly despise another group of people. How that, no matter what I might think, or how I’ve behaved my short 30 years in this life, I am, in actuality, some sort of closet racist simply because I’m white. If you hear something enough times, you eventually will believe it. If you keep telling people that it’s “you vs. them,” eventually they’ll believe it and set up a barrier to protect themselves and “their people”. A racial barrier, where none existed before.

    “My people” should mean Americans of all color. Yes, slavery happened. Yes, Jim Crow happened. Yes, there was a great inequality in the past. But the days of institutionalized racism are over. We have actually elected a black man to the highest office in the land. We are not going to get anywhere if we continue to spin our tires on muddy “Perpetual Victim Blvd.” It breeds resentment on both sides.

    How about this? No more KKK. No more Black Panthers. No more NAACP. Instead, we re-brand it the National Association for the Advancement of Americans (The N triple-A)?

    I know for a fact that receiving the Holy Ghost makes for racial harmony. The same God that makes the lion lie down with the lamb makes white, black, Latino, and Asian all brothers in Christ.

    But, since we won’t see anything like that until long after we’ve beaten our swords and weapons into plowshares… in the meantime, will you please stop telling people who aren’t racist that they are racist? You. Are. Not. Helping.

  6. please resign, Mr. Sanford

    July 2, 2009 by tbholdren

    No, I’m not talking about Fred G. I’m talking about Republican Governor Mark of South Carolina. A 2012 republican presidential hopeful, a champion of family values, a conservative Christian, a father of four… and, as unlikely as it sounds, an adulterer.

    I have no desire to go into the details. But Mr. Sanford left his office, headed for Argentina to meet with his longtime mistress, and neglected to tell anyone where he was going. For five days. He told his staff to lie and report that he had gone hiking in Appalachia.

    Above and beyond his lies to his wife, his four sons, the media, the american people, forcing his staff to lie for him, his infidelity, his hypocrisy… the man left the country and the state he was governing for five days, leaving himself unreachable in case of a gubernatorial emergency.

    Mr. Sanford has shown himself to be unacceptably devoid of character. I don’t care what party he is in, he should have the decency to resign.

  7. george tiller is dead

    June 4, 2009 by tbholdren

    Long-time late-term abortion provider George Tiller was murdered Sunday at his Church in Wichita,Kansas. Tiller is more famously known as “Tiller the Baby-Killer” amongst those who don’t believe in abortion, as he was one of three (now two) doctors in the United States who will perform acts such as partial-birth abortion.

    I really don’t care to go into the details, you can click the link if you have the stomach for it. The services this man provided were horrific and brutal, and resulted in the deaths of an estimated 60,000 babies.

    According to his defenders, he only did his procedures on women who were at great risk medically from the birth at hand, or when the child had an “abnormality incompatible with life”. Other studies show that he would undergo the procedure for much less, and other reports even say that $5,000 was enough for him to cook up any reason that was considered legal. The man became a millionaire.

    My two cents? Judgment is reserved to God and God alone, and that at the last day. We don’t kill people because we disagree with them. That’s vigilantism, and is to be condemned, with no exceptions.

    If Tiller’s murderer’s intent was to stop these abortions, he failed. Tiller’s replacement vows he will continue the normal operation of the facility. This will not stop abortions of any kind, and only serves as fodder for those who support the killing of the unborn, as anti-abortion advocates are now ridiculously being linked to this man and labeled “domestic terrorists.”

    A final question: How does the most infamous abortion doctor in the country become an usher at a Lutheran Church?

  8. it’s an… eye-pod, I believe, Your Majesty

    April 2, 2009 by tbholdren

    So, our president heads over to our Fish ‘n’ Chip loving allies across the sea, and he gets to meet the Queen. As a courtesy and tradition, she gives him a framed photograph of herself and her husband. Obama’s response?

    lol, iPod
    He gave her an iPod. Yes, you heard me, an iPod. Something you swing by Wal-Mart to pick up for your teenager for Christmas. Maybe he loaded it with some equally appropriate music that would appeal to 80+ year old royalty… like Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake?

    Perhaps he can get bring her an X-box on her next visit?

    Your Majesty

    This after his other awesome gift a week ago to the Prime Minister of the Great Britain: a DVD box set of American Movie classics… that don’t work on DVD Players in the UK. Hilarious.

    Hey, everybody makes mistakes when visiting foreign dignitaries, even the President…

  9. where is the truth in America?

    February 27, 2009 by tbholdren

    I frequent a lot of conservative blogs. I read the news on different sites. I even read liberal news sites from time to time, just to avoid living in an echo chamber.

    Nobody seems to value truth except when it comes to correcting somebody else. Here’s what I would believe if I took everything I’ve seen at face value over the past few weeks, from both sides:

    • America is in a worse financial state than anyone in the history of ever
    • The recession will end this year
    • President Obama is a communist who wants to destory capitalism and change our national anthem to the National Anthem of the Russian Federation
    • Presient Obama doesn’t believe big government is the solution, and is, in fact, “Reaganesque
    • Democrats want to take away my guns (which reminds me: buy a gun)
    • Joe Biden packs a Baretta and dares Obama to take it away
    • “Clean coal” is clean
    • “Clean coal” is not clean
    • Obama is ruining the economy
    • Bush already ruined the economy
    • I’m going to get a big huge Obama tax break
    • Obama is going to take my money and give it to minorities
    • Louisiana is losing 400 jobs a day
    • Louisiana is experiencing job growth
    • We’re living in a post-racial society
    • I’m a cowardly Caucasian who refuses to face the deep-seeded racism in this society

    Most political commentary is conservatives attacking Obama relentlessly, and liberals defending everything he does with equal vigor. If it’s not that, then they’re lying to the public about what the other side said he said that she said he said. There is no rational debate. No facts. No truth. Just a lot of talking.

    Where is this great unity I heard so much about? I can’t even hear myself think in here anymore.

    Let me clarify: There is only one truth (one way, one life). But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m saying that I want to listen to someone on the radio, or log into a website and see… [DRAMATIC PAUSE]… truth.

    My Bible tells me to rejoice in all truth. Is Obama really doing a good job? Tell me then! Is the economy really getting better or worse? Hit me with it! Is global warming real, fake or hype (spoiler: it’s #3)? Lay it on me! I’m an adult. I can take it, honest.

    Talking heads on both sides have me believing, however, that nobody really has any idea what is going on. I believe the foundation of our entire journalistic establishment may just be speculation and propaganda.

  10. inauguration

    January 21, 2009 by tbholdren

    Fare thee well, commander.
    What a bunch of classy people we are. As Bush’s helicopter flew away after gracefully handing over the reins of our country to the new man in office, the crowd chanted “na na na na hey hey hey goodbye.” Allow me to say, on behalf of the rest of us: Thanks for your service, former-president Bush. I didn’t agree with all of your decisions, but I appreciate you and hope, for the sake of us all, that history reflects better on your policies than the current approval rating. If you have created a stable democracy in Iraq, then I imagine that will be the case.

    Media coverage fawned over the new president as if he’d already eradicated world hunger and united Palestine and Israel. Songs praising him sounded like something out of the hymnal at our church. The man has never done anything, and we’re already comparing him to (and I kid you not) Abraham Lincoln. This, ladies and gentleman, is the textbook definition of hype.

    Inaugural speech? Hope. Change. Unity. Old hatreds. etc. etc. Not very inspiring, coming from a politician who majors in speechifying. Definitely rehashing the same material. “Building a new America,” also raised some alarms. Sounds pretty expensive. Is “Old America” so bad that we need to build a new one?

    I really don’t want to get into the racist benediction prayer offered after the swearing in. I must admit, it is hard to ignore all of the conservative alarms that are ringing in my head and stay true to what I said when he was elected. But I will put them aside until he has a chance to prove himself. Which is already more than George W. Bush was given.

    At least I know what things to pray about.