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  1. after the rain

    August 22, 2011 by sholdren

    After a rainfall yesterday, we saw a beautiful full rainbow, after which the kids decided to run around the neighborhood in boots!

    Silas & Brianna enjoying the beautiful weather and sunset.

    This is part of the rainbow. I couldn’t get the whole rainbow in one pic cuz it was so huge.

    It’s nice that the weather is starting to get cooler, and we can enjoy more beautiful days like this one!

  2. bizarre blizzard

    December 13, 2010 by sholdren

    We had another big snowfall! Here are a few pics of it:

    There was so much snow coming down, it made everything look white, and the visibility was pretty bad.

    Brian shoveling a path down the driveway.

    Brian, after shoveling. Poor guy, he was sick too.

    The back sliding doors. We couldn’t even open the screen door.

    So anyway, it is still snowing, so who knows how much deeper the snow will be in the morning!

    Good night for now!

  3. scrumptious snow

    December 7, 2010 by sholdren

    We had a pretty big snowfall last night and during the day today. The kids and I had fun playing in the snow. We built part of a snowman, shoveled, walked through the snow, pulled each other through the snow on a sled, started building a snow fort, and ate snow.

    Snow in the morning.

    Brianna shoveling.

    Silas shoveling. He even shoveled some snow into the garage for us – yay!

    Silas pulling Brianna on the sled.

    Oh, delicious snow! btw, Brianna did have mittens on, she just took them off a few minutes before we went back inside.

    Here’s a video clip I took:

  4. silas + snowman = super fun

    March 21, 2010 by sholdren

    A couple weeks ago, when the snow was the perfect texture to make a snowman, we went outside and made one! The hat is Silas’, the scarf is mine, and the arms are part of our interior decor, but they were the best thing I could find to use at the moment.

    Silas having fun building a snowman.

  5. war on terror vs. war on man-made-global-warming

    January 8, 2010 by tbholdren

    Sometimes I wonder which one is more futile, the war on terror or the war on CO2.

    Despite our government’s best efforts on both fronts, neither seems to be yielding great results. Man-made global warming is a hoax, so you can’t fight it at all. And hating the USA is the world’s favorite sport, with the most enthusiastic fans obviously coming from the middle east. Yet somehow, we seem to be equally (un)successful in combating either.

    Both employ ridiculously ineffective measures. On the global-warming front, you have cap-and-trade, laughably low-quality compact fluorescent light bulbs, and a President who flies to Copenhagen so the Indians and Chinese won’t have to laugh at him over the phone. What have we succeeded in? Scaring the gullible with sappy videos of drowning polar bears.

    In our struggle against crazy muslim fundamentalists terrorists: The new hour-long pat-down exercise Sue, Silas, Brianna and I endured to be allowed to return to our country wouldn’t have stopped the Nigerian terrorist who tried to blow up that plane Christmas day (henceforth referred to as The Fruit-of-the-Boom Bomber… thanks Rush).

    I seriously doubt these space-age near-pornographic full-body-scanners they’re going to install at airports will stop the future terrorists, who will simply find more creative (and possibly unpleasant) compartments in which to hide the tools of their trade. All we seem to have been successful at is giving those bored-looking airport security guards an embarrassing new toy, and making hour-and-a-half late plane departures the status quo.

    Maybe we’re doing better than the media lets on at stopping terrorists. Maybe the government can’t let us know every time they catch one of these demon-inspired lunatics for security reasons. All I know is that, from where I stand, we seem to be about as effective at stopping terrorists from attempting to down planes as the hippies are at stopping the sun from doing its job keeping me toasty.

    I see only three solutions:

    1.The government needs to be more effecive in communicating how often we successfully stop terrorist activities.
    2.The government needs to take off the kid gloves and use more effective measure to stop them, even if it includes the uncomfortable reality of profiling. Lives are at stake.
    3.We just let Al Gore figure it all out.

  6. snowy surprise

    April 7, 2009 by sholdren

    Easter is only a week away! 🙂 …but I think the weather got confused and thinks that Christmas is a week away. Oh well, snow is pretty too!

    Here’s a picture of our backyard tonight:

    Silas had a runny nose today, and was feeling a little under the weather, so I made him a cozy spot on the couch with a pillow, a fleecy blanket, and his own box of Kleenex, and put on a Clifford DVD for him to watch.

  7. spectacular spring

    March 20, 2009 by sholdren

    Today is the First Day of Spring!

    Did you notice Google’s title image today?

    I thought it was so cute! These images are taken from the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, which I enjoy reading to Silas often. I especially love the part where the caterpillar eats through the fruit, and then through all the random food items such a piece of chocolate cake, a pickle and a slice of salami.

    In honor of spring, I will now post a few recent pictures:

    Brianna wearing her new spring bonnet from Omsie!

    I think the bonnet looks so cute from the side.

    Silas relaxing in a cloud of pillows today.

    Brian with his two offspring! We are so excited about the warm spring weather, and are looking forward to all the fun outdoor activities we can do this year!

  8. ice crisis

    February 4, 2009 by sholdren

    I am currently visiting my parents in Ontario.  My sister-in-law Natasha, her daughter Charlotte, and my sister Stephanie and her family are also visiting here.

    My sister lives in Piggott, Arkansas, and incase you haven’t heard, there is a major crisis going on there, due to the huge ice storm they had recently.  350,000 people are out of power, 10,000 power lines are down in Clay county alone, roads are blocked, countless trees destroyed and people are required to boil their drinking water.   Many people without gas heat are fleeing to shelters for food and warmth.

    One desperate family had to be hospitalized after trying to heat their home with a charcoal barbeque.

    Luckily, my sister and brother-in-law were able to acquire a generator, so they now have minimal electricity with the exception of: hot water, dryer, microwave and some household lighting.

    Walmart contacted my brother-in-law’s dad about purchasing some diesel off him.  Later that night, he hauled 850 gallons of diesel to a local Walmart so that they were able to continue running their generator and keep the store open.

    Stephanie and Elliott, evaluating the damage.

    Stephanie’s old house. The weeping willow tree is a drooping mass of ice.

    Stephanie, Elliott and Bo Fowler.

    Stephanie and Elliott waiting to get fuel.

    A road by Stephanie’s house.

    Alvin (Terrill’s Dad) and Terrill, heating up and chipping ice off the bulldozer so they could clear the roads.

    Terrill’s dad clearing the trees to make the county roads passable.

    The tree damage is incalculable.

    Power lines covered in layers of ice. This causes them to break.

    This is how thick the ice accumulation was on a tree branch.

    It is estimated that everyone will have their electricity back on by the end of February. Hopefully the power lines will be repaired and roads cleared soon!

  9. super snazzy snow

    January 10, 2009 by sholdren

    Today we got a lot of snow, so Brian and Silas went out to shovel it. They had a blast…or at least Silas did. 🙂

    Silas hard at work.

    Brian and Silas posing for a pic.

    Below is a video of Brian and Silas shoveling snow:

  10. more snow!

    November 19, 2008 by sholdren

    It snowed even more last night, so here’s a picture and video of our snow adventures!

    Silas exploring the backyard covered in snow yesterday.

    Below is a video of Silas and I checking out the snow falling last night.