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  1. royal wedding

    May 1, 2011 by sholdren

    Well, as you all know, the wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton took place two days ago! I’m pretty interested in the royal family, especially Charles and Diana and their kids. So, of course, on the day of the wedding I got up at around 4:00am to stream it live on CNN’s website. I sat on the lazyboy in the livingroom, wearing Brian’s cozy red hoodie, with a blanket and a bowl of cheerios, and watched it! Eventually, I realized that I actually didn’t need to get up that early, because it wasn’t till around 5:30am that the important people were starting to arrive. But, it was fun checking out what people were wearing, and seeing a few people I recognized and some celebrities.

    As I was watching the wedding happen LIVE, I had this urge to start taking pictures of my monitor, so I took a few with my iPod. Yes, I know that’s crazy!

    Here are some of the pics:

    Kate with her Dad, walking up the aisle.

    William & Kate waving from the balcony after the wedding.

    I really love Kate’s dress. I thought it was totally her style, and was also traditional mixed with modern, as well as romantic and timeless. I loved the bridesmaid dress too. There were also some really cool hats worn by some of the guests.

    I thought the wedding was beautiful, and you can really tell that William & Kate love each other. I wish them all the best!

  2. v-day awesomeness

    February 14, 2011 by sholdren

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

    We didn’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day today, but we had a fun day.

    The kids opening their Valentine’s Day stuff from Opa & Omsie.

    The ring Brian got me. Love it!

    Silas made this Valentine for Brian and I, in Sunday School. The words were written by one of the Sunday School teachers, and instead of writing Mommy and Daddy, Silas told them to write our real names, and he told them what our full names were.

    The kids helped me make this Valentine’s cake!

    Brian also got me 4 different types of gummies (my favorite junk food), and I got him a “Ronald Reagen at 100” magazine, put out by LIFE.

    That’s it for now! Happy V-day, all you love birds!

  3. crazy costumes

    October 31, 2010 by sholdren

    Although we don’t celebrate Halloween, I do think that it’s the perfect day to dress up as something you’re not, and get away with it! So, for fun, I made each of the kids an outfit!

    Brianna in her Amish girl outfit!

    A couple other views of her outfit.

    I made her outfit from scratch. I sewed the dress, and the bonnet I made using black fabric, a piece of cereal box (cut out) to go inside the visor for structure, and a glue gun to glue it together, as well as some stitching on the ties.

    Here’s Silas. His outfit is Cloud from the game Final Fantasy VII. Silas doesn’t play the game, but he likes this character because he has a HUGE sword.

    Close-up of cool dude Silas! Here are a couple links to what the character looks like: link1 link2

    Silas’ outfit is made of: winter boots, black dress pants, 3 black belts, a long-sleeved sweater (that was getting too small on him) with one sleeve cut off, a sleeveless black t-shirt, a knee pad (for the shoulder pad), a pair of sunglasses, some hairspray for hair spikes, and a toy sword with cardboard and duct tape wrapped around it to make it HUGE!

    It was fun to make the costumes from scratch, and the kids had fun with them, except I don’t think Brianna had any clue what she was actually wearing!

  4. birthday brigade

    October 10, 2010 by sholdren

    Last week was Brian’s birthday! We went out to eat at Brian’s favorite Mexican restaurant, El Campesino, and then came back home for birthday cake and present-opening.

    Brian and Silas after blowing the candles out together. I let Silas pick the frosting color, so I had to make it purple!

    Brianna and I celebrating!

    Silas helping Brian open his presents.

    Brian with some of his presents from my parents. He loves visors, so they searched high and low for an “Alaska” one, while they were there on a cruise, and eventually found one!

    Brianna wearing Brian’s new visor!

    A couple weeks ago, when I asked Silas what he wanted to get Brian for his birthday, he said “a lion toy”. So, that’s exactly what Silas got him! I love Silas’ wide-eyed expression whilst looking at the lion.

    Brian and Silas playing with the party blowers! Silas is about to laugh in this picture. 🙂

    Yay for fun family times!

  5. silly spectacles

    June 23, 2010 by sholdren

    Brianna had a really cute pair of sunglasses, but earlier this year, she rubbed them on the driveway, which scratched up the lenses. So, I popped out the lenses and they are now “play glasses”!

    Silas and Brianna playing with the toys in the toy box.

    Briana left the glasses on her face for a long time. Her eyes are kind of big, so when she blinks, it almost looks like the whole lens is blinking, like a cartoon! It’s so cute!

  6. easter

    April 5, 2010 by sholdren

    This Easter we went to church, where Bro. Jerry Browning preached. Then we ate out at Ruby Tuesday with family. Here are a few pictures of the day:

    Chrissy (second cousin), Silas and Brianna after church.

    Brianna in her shades from Omsie.

    Silas, me and Brianna. Brianna looks a little squished. hehe

    Silas and Chrissy are good friends. I thought it was cute how Chrissy is running towards Silas in this pic.

    Easter morning, Bree and Silas in our bed, opening their Easter baskets from Opa & Omsie. I think those baskets are really cool.

  7. bree chillin

    March 14, 2010 by sholdren

  8. halloween hijinks

    October 31, 2009 by sholdren

    Today was a pretty fun day. In the morning we basically just hung around the house and relaxed. Then for lunch we went to T.G.I. Friday’s and used Brian’s gift card he got from his parents for his birthday.

    Silas and Brian at T.G.I. Friday’s.

    Brianna and I. Brianna ate mashed potatoes.

    Brianna and I dressed as Saudi girls. We were originally gonna be babushkas, but my scarf looked more Arabian, so we decided to go with that. We didn’t actually go anywhere dressed like this, I just thought it’d be a cute pic.

    We ate at Chipotle in the evening. Chipotle had a deal going where if you came in dressed like a burrito, you’d get a free burrito! Well, Brian and I didn’t really want to dress up, so we dressed the kids up! We got our whole meal free, including the chips and drink!

  9. strawberry shortcake

    April 17, 2009 by sholdren

    I put Brianna in her Bumbo seat for the first time today!

    Brianna likes the Bumbo because it keeps her in a sitting position and she likes to look around at what’s going on.

    I bought Brianna a sweet little strawberry sleeper this week! I just love it! I think she looks like Baby Strawberry Shortcake in it. 🙂

    Brianna taking her afternoon nap. It was quite warm in the house during the day, so she didn’t need a blanket.

  10. spectacular spring

    March 20, 2009 by sholdren

    Today is the First Day of Spring!

    Did you notice Google’s title image today?

    I thought it was so cute! These images are taken from the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, which I enjoy reading to Silas often. I especially love the part where the caterpillar eats through the fruit, and then through all the random food items such a piece of chocolate cake, a pickle and a slice of salami.

    In honor of spring, I will now post a few recent pictures:

    Brianna wearing her new spring bonnet from Omsie!

    I think the bonnet looks so cute from the side.

    Silas relaxing in a cloud of pillows today.

    Brian with his two offspring! We are so excited about the warm spring weather, and are looking forward to all the fun outdoor activities we can do this year!