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independence day

July 5, 2010 by sholdren

For July 4th this year, we had a little cookout at our house, after which we relaxed outside while Silas played in the little pool, and then we all played a game of Scattergories.

Unfortunately I forgot to take many pictures!

The cupcakes I made, in honor of Canada Day and Independence Day. I even made one in honor of Obama! Am I hip or what?

The inside of the cupcakes.

Brianna after eating a cupcake with blue frosting!

Setting up the little pool for the kids.

We had a fun July 4th, and today, July 5th, will also be fun, because Brian is off! We have a few things we plan on doing with the kids. Should be a blast!


  1. Aunt Kimmy says:

    I like the Obama cupcake the best! Too funny!

  2. e. says:

    Love your Cupcakes…Brianna is sooo sweet. Don’t want to sound dumb but….what has the middle one got to do with Obama….not hard to tell I am NOT an American !! hehe

  3. sholdren says:

    Auntie Elsie, that’s Obama’s symbol that he used for his campaign.

  4. Mom Hoyer says:

    Cute Cupcakes! You are very creative! The inside looks really neat too! Yes…you are hip making an Ombama cupcake! Maybe you should forward the photo to the Whitehouse…hehe!

    Brianna is so cute! She is such a big girl already! Glad she is walking all the time now 🙂

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