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August 18, 2010 by sholdren

Here is a pic of my three tomato plants. Actually, there’s four, but two of them are planted very close together. The tomatoes pictured here have been eaten days ago, either by me or Silas, who likes to pick them and eat them immediately, before coming back into the house. They are delicious! It’s amazing how much better homegrown tomatoes are than store bought ones.

I never actually made a nice little garden or landscaped around the plants, but I think I’ll do that next year.

I also have a raspberry bush, which is yielding many juicy raspberries, which both Silas and Brianna like to pick and eat. It’s a lot of fun, and I think next year I’ll plant a few more raspberry bushes, and hopefully an apple tree. Above is a pic of an unripe cluster of raspberries from our raspberry bush.


  1. mom holdren says:

    your right,there isn’t anything to compare with fresh fruits and veg’s from a garden, especially when it’s from your own plants. My tomatoes aren’t doing good tho, will try different setting for them next year.

  2. Elsie says:

    Amazing Tomatoes from such a small plant !! What kind of tomatoes are they ??? Your Raspberries are heavy yielder too 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    Your veggies look wonderful, and you have a lot of raspberries!

    Glad they were a success! It was fun planting them with you, especially with the suggestion of the wheel barrel from Brian for the dirt. hehe. 😀

  4. Mom Hoyer says:

    Wow Sue! Your tomato plants and raspberry bush look fantastic! What a crop! You are harvesting really nice size tomatoes and your raspberry bush is loaded!

    Lots of fun for Silas & Brianna when everything is ripe!

    An apple tree sounds great too for all your tasty pies! 🙂

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