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vanity fair (some magazine) doesn’t like Sarah Palin

September 3, 2010 by tbholdren

Vanity Fair posts some garbage article taking pot shots at Sarah Palin. (p.s. avoid comments section for safety)

Is this what now passes for journalism in this country? No fact checking? No scrutinizing of news sources? The entire VF article can be summarized as: “I don’t like Sarah Palin. Here’s a bunch of people (I can’t tell you who they are), who knew Sarah Palin (in some unspecified capacity), who told me, at some time, some mean things about her. So you should stop liking her.”

Really? That’s it? No names? Dates? Places? FACTS? We’re just making stuff up now? There are liberal websites who are RUNNING with the quotes from this article like it’s the gospel.

I can understand not liking someone on the other side of the political spectrum, and trying to convince folks on their side to jump ship. But, can we at least pretend to verify our smears before we publish them in a nationally-read magazine? For crying out loud.

I am not a fan of Barack Obama. But I don’t believe, like 20% of America, that he is a “secret muslim.” Why? Because no matter how sensational the claims, the facts are:

1. He maintains that he is a Christian.
2. He did not attend a mosque. He attended a christian church (bolded quotes thanks to you, Rev. Wright).
3. He is probably sympathetic to Islam because that’s what his dad (who refused to raise him) was, which makes him appear to lean (bow?) their direction too often, causing suspicion.
4. He doesn’t have time to pray to Mecca five times per day (too busy playing golf? :).


WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG POST TO BRING YOU A SPECIAL BULLETIN! One time, I met this one guy who knew a lady who heard from a kid that may have (at some time in his/her life) lived in Chicago that Obama has a secret mosque built underground in his backyard! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who the kid is, when he told me, or bother to verify whether or not there actually is even room for a mosque in his backyard. But now you know the TRUTH OBAMA IS A SECRET MOOOOOOOSLIM! Vote Republican.


See, I can be a “journalist,” too.


  1. Andrew says:

    My concern is with this video:

    I find it impossible to believe that that kind of slip is possible. Nobody just slips and says they’re from another religion. Would a Muslim accidentally say “My Buddhist Faith”? I think not. I see some people saying that he was trying to make a point sarcastically, but the wording sets alarm bells off for me.

    As far as fact checking goes, journalism is pretty watered down these days. When the internet becomes a source of information… well, no wonder facts aren’t straight.

    By the way, write more articles. They’re great.

  2. tbholdren says:

    I’ll admit, that is a bit suspicious. I think the issue is, Obama doesn’t really believe in anything (other than himself). In his mind, Christianity and Islam are practically interchangeable, which is what caused his little Freudian slip.

    Thanks for the kind comments Andrew 🙂

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