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October 31, 2010 by sholdren

Although we don’t celebrate Halloween, I do think that it’s the perfect day to dress up as something you’re not, and get away with it! So, for fun, I made each of the kids an outfit!

Brianna in her Amish girl outfit!

A couple other views of her outfit.

I made her outfit from scratch. I sewed the dress, and the bonnet I made using black fabric, a piece of cereal box (cut out) to go inside the visor for structure, and a glue gun to glue it together, as well as some stitching on the ties.

Here’s Silas. His outfit is Cloud from the game Final Fantasy VII. Silas doesn’t play the game, but he likes this character because he has a HUGE sword.

Close-up of cool dude Silas! Here are a couple links to what the character looks like: link1 link2

Silas’ outfit is made of: winter boots, black dress pants, 3 black belts, a long-sleeved sweater (that was getting too small on him) with one sleeve cut off, a sleeveless black t-shirt, a knee pad (for the shoulder pad), a pair of sunglasses, some hairspray for hair spikes, and a toy sword with cardboard and duct tape wrapped around it to make it HUGE!

It was fun to make the costumes from scratch, and the kids had fun with them, except I don’t think Brianna had any clue what she was actually wearing!


  1. Mom Hoyer says:

    Brianna looks cute 🙂
    Silas…well that character isn’t a good influence. Not a good role model.

    He would of looked alot cuter as a Doctor, Fireman, or Bee Keeper! I saw a Bee Keeper….so neat with khaki pants & shirt…a hat with a net and a whole bunch of bees attached to the hat…and one on his face! Cute!

    That’s just our opinion 🙂

  2. sholdren says:

    Well, Silas already had the sword ahead of time, so it was an easy outfit to make. Cloud is actually a good character, but either way, Silas doesn’t really know anything about the character, except he that uses a huge sword, because he doesn’t play the game. Silas wasn’t insisting on being Cloud or anything either…he would have been happy to be anything, even a fireman or something.

  3. tbholdren says:

    Silas likes swords and he thinks Cloud is a cool looking character. I think Sue did a fantastic job on a limited budget (like, $0.00). Very imaginative and I’m proud of the work that she did.

    To each his own.

  4. Mom Hoyer says:

    Yes….I agree with Brian on the costumes! Great job Sue…you have always been good at doing things like that! Did the kids get lots of candy?

  5. Mom Hoyer says:

    I think there are more people that agree with me….they just aren’t commenting….lol 🙂

  6. Karisha says:

    Well Jon and i thought Silas outfit was awesome, you did a great job Sue. What kid doesn’t love a big sword? 😀 And Brianna looks adorable!

  7. tbholdren says:

    Well, we didn’t go Trick or Treating. Sue just dressed them up for fun. I can’t find where Bro. Branham said anything about Halloween in the Message, which kinda surprised me. And I’ve heard rumors about Bro. Branham letting his kids go trick-or-treating as angels or nurses or something like that.

    But… none of it is confirmed. I’ve never really looked into it that much, so we played it safe and just let them dress up in fun costumes for this year.

  8. Mom Hoyer says:

    Yes….I have the newsletter that Rebecca Branham Smith wrote. She told how they celebrated Halloween & Christmas. Bro. Branham let his children go to some houses in the neighbourhood dressed up in nice costumes like you said Brian.

    They also had a Christmas Tree every year till Rebecaa was 19. When the kids were young Bro. & Sis. Branham put the lights on the tree and then the children put on the decorations. It’s a really interesting news letter to read. I can send you a copy if you like 🙂

  9. tbholdren says:

    Yeah, I’d be interested in seeing that. Please send it along.

  10. sholdren says:

    I think we have that newsletter, Brian.

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