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happy days are… well. hmm.

November 3, 2010 by tbholdren

I was all prepared to re-post my “happy days are here again” youtube clip again. Republicans swept the House, as expected. 65+ seats. That’s great news. A much-deserved farewell to San Fran Nan as speaker of the house.

The bad news is: Joe Miller may lose to Princess Murkowski in Alaska, Barbara Boxer still has a job, and, the most bitter pill of all… Harry Reid is still the Senate Majority Leader.

So, to the people of Nevada in particular, I present:

the double facepalm

And to the republicans, well…

ceiling cat is watching you

Ceiling cat is watching you legislate. Don’t think the American people put you back in power to go back to business as usual. We don’t want compromise. This is not about you, it’s about conservatism. You’d better cowboy-up and get to work rolling back the damage the democrats have done, or next election cycle… you’ll be the ones facing the tidal wave.

Ugh, I just remembered… this means Joy Behar and Karl Rove victory laps today. Not looking forward to that.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting election, for certain. I’m just wondering if the Republicans will fulfill the will of the people and stick to the principles of the tea party or if they will be swayed and continue on with “business as usual?”

  2. Andrew says:

    hahaha bye Nancy!! Time to go back to being a mere blink machine:

    Nice Star Trek pic, BTW. I wonder which episode it’s from, or might it be a photoshop?

    Lastly, I am so interested to see what happens to Obama over the next two years. Apparently Clinton recovered from a similar setback. People seem to really swing hard these days though. What a disappointment it would be to come in with such a big bang and blow it from the start.

    PS. Brian, perhaps you should have a daily short comment on Twitter about some interesting event. Might even throw in a few personal comments from time to time… =)


  3. sholdren says:

    Great post! Love “ceiling cat” too. 🙂 Also, I’m pretty sure the Star Trek pic is photoshopped because of the difference in color saturation of their skin, plus if you look at the shadows that come from their elbows on the table, they’re different.

    You’re a great writer, Brian!

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