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ridiculous tsa fiasco continues

November 22, 2010 by tbholdren

The last thing in the world I want is some bored, underpaid government flunkie groping my wife and children while I stand by idly awaiting my turn. Or having grotesque scans of them leaked out to the internet.

I am seriously considering not flying again until this garbage ceases (thankfully I have no travel plans in the immediate future). Regardless, this is an extreme violation of the privacy and dignity of all travelers. How much more must we sacrifice at the altar of political correctness before we start properly identifying our enemies?

Subjecting nuns and children to the same examination techniques used on suspected criminals says an awful lot about how our government views its own citizenry. Can we not find a better way?

I thank God for the backlash this absurdity has received. It seems America is saying, “ENOUGH!…”


I can almost hear the raucous laughter bellowing out from caves deep beneath the mountains of Afghanistan.


  1. Andrew says:

    Love it. If I had more time these days, I may have posted such an article. I have no travel plans, and don’t intend to make any that involve flying while this process is in place. One has to wonder how these ideas get approved, and who approves them.

    It might be hard to be the boss, but at least you can fire people who do stupid things. Then again, maybe the bosses are the ones pushing this.


  2. Auntie Kimmy says:

    Great article! I LOVE the cat, by the way. Where do you find these ridiculously funny captions?

  3. sholdren says:

    I agree, it is quite ridiculous. While going through security on my way to Arkansas last week, I got patted down while my children waited patiently. Afterwards, they were rewarded with dinosaur stickers. I suppose that’s to help them overcome the fact that they just witnessed their mother being treated like a criminal.

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