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christmas service

December 20, 2010 by sholdren

Today was our Christmas service at church! Brian and I didn’t sing this year, but Silas sang with the Sunday School choir, and I played the piano for them. Not all the kids were there, so the choir was rather small, but I think they did a great job! They sang “Away In A Manger”, and Silas did his best to sing along.

The kids choir. Silas must have thought the choir mic was just for him!

So proud of my Silas!

Here’s a video of them singing:

Brianna in Sunday School.

Some of the kids in the Sunday School room before they went up to sing.


  1. Mrstrooper says:

    Cute! He’s getting to be a big boy :). Brianna and Charlotte wore the same dress to church today! I wore a red headband in her hair too 🙂

  2. e. says:

    Cute….Silas sure liked the microphone !!!!

  3. Mom Hoyer says:

    Great Job Silas! So cute the way he was hanging on to the microphone! I love to watch the children at the Christmas Concerts 🙂

    Brianna looks so cute too…she is getting so big!

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