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v-day awesomeness

February 14, 2011 by sholdren

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

We didn’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day today, but we had a fun day.

The kids opening their Valentine’s Day stuff from Opa & Omsie.

The ring Brian got me. Love it!

Silas made this Valentine for Brian and I, in Sunday School. The words were written by one of the Sunday School teachers, and instead of writing Mommy and Daddy, Silas told them to write our real names, and he told them what our full names were.

The kids helped me make this Valentine’s cake!

Brian also got me 4 different types of gummies (my favorite junk food), and I got him a “Ronald Reagen at 100” magazine, put out by LIFE.

That’s it for now! Happy V-day, all you love birds!


  1. Mom Hoyer says:

    Looks like a fun Valentines Day! You ring looks awesome & you and Silas & Brianna did a fantastic job on the cake! Looks so yummy! 😀

  2. Mom Hoyer says:

    Those special cards are priceless from the kids! I’m sure you’ll be putting them all in a special box! Great job Silas! 🙂

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