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May 1, 2011 by sholdren

Well, as you all know, the wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton took place two days ago! I’m pretty interested in the royal family, especially Charles and Diana and their kids. So, of course, on the day of the wedding I got up at around 4:00am to stream it live on CNN’s website. I sat on the lazyboy in the livingroom, wearing Brian’s cozy red hoodie, with a blanket and a bowl of cheerios, and watched it! Eventually, I realized that I actually didn’t need to get up that early, because it wasn’t till around 5:30am that the important people were starting to arrive. But, it was fun checking out what people were wearing, and seeing a few people I recognized and some celebrities.

As I was watching the wedding happen LIVE, I had this urge to start taking pictures of my monitor, so I took a few with my iPod. Yes, I know that’s crazy!

Here are some of the pics:

Kate with her Dad, walking up the aisle.

William & Kate waving from the balcony after the wedding.

I really love Kate’s dress. I thought it was totally her style, and was also traditional mixed with modern, as well as romantic and timeless. I loved the bridesmaid dress too. There were also some really cool hats worn by some of the guests.

I thought the wedding was beautiful, and you can really tell that William & Kate love each other. I wish them all the best!


  1. mrstrooper says:

    Lovely wedding! Wish I had caught it live but enjoyed watching the ceremony regardless.

  2. Mom Hoyer says:

    I really enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding! It got really interesting as all the important people started on their way to Westminster Abbey and then arrived and walked in.

    William & Kate made a beautiful Bride & Groom…they looked very happy! William told Kate she looked beautiful when she got up to the alter.

    Kate looked a bit surprised when they came out on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and saw all the people out there waving.

    It was very interesting to see all the Royals and guests all dressed up to the hilt….especially interesting were all the hats! Some of them quite unbelievable! 🙂

  3. Andrew says:

    Enjoyed the wedding. I think this will prompt a renewed interest in the royal family.

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