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rapture may 21st. church service may 22nd

May 21, 2011 by tbholdren

So, as I’m sure everyone has already heard, “THE RAPTURE IS HAPPENING ON MAY 21st.” Now, how some genius has poured over the bible, figured out the date of the rapture, but somehow missed:

“But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” -Matthew 24:36

… is beyond me. I’m still here. Everyone I love is still here. The people who believed this are terribly disappointed, but… still here.

No matter how hard you try, this guy is representing all of us right now :\

Thank you ever so much, Mr. False Prophet. This is whole kerfuffle you’ve created has basically become a giant point of scorn and derision for non-believers to poke fun at. All it does is tarnish the name of Christ, because, no matter how much we’d like to think you aren’t… you and your people are professed Christians, and non-believers will smear this in the face of the rest of us. I even heard one hyperventilating atheist claim that false hopes of a rapture have destroyed entire families, and should be outlawed!

(pssst… Isn’t it amazing how the intellectual elite are always the first to take a wild, murderous stab at freedom of speech in the interest of protecting the poor, the helpless… and apparently, now, the extremely gullible?)

There will be a rapture. But it’ll come as a thief in the night, not as a giant media extravaganza with CNN coverage.

Anyways, I’ll see all those I love in church tomorrow, and we’ll continue doing what we’ve always done: live and pray and work like the rapture will be tomorrow, even if it doesn’t come for another 50 years.


  1. Dad Hoyer says:

    It’s understandable that other “Christians” got thinking… “well, maybe…could it be…is this guy right… are these people getting raptured…is it all over?”…but Message believers?

    We understand it simply could not have been…that day, today, or even tomorrow because being taught correctly we know there has to be a resurrection first, then a period of time together with the resurrected saints, and then together we are translated and leave!

  2. Mom Hoyer says:

    Brian….have you heard? He’s moved it up to October 21 now.

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