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why I like Tim Tebow

January 11, 2012 by tbholdren

To be honest, I really shouldn’t like him. Anyone that makes John Elway happy (after The Drive) should not be on my nice list.

Tebowing (or, praying, rather)

There are several reason to like Tim Tebow, but I’ll list just a few:

  1. This kid loves football, and he loves what he’s doing. His heartfelt celebrations after every play are evidence enough of this. It’s always a pleasure to watch someone who enjoys their work.
  2. He’s a running quarterback! How exciting is it to watch someone who’s supposed to throw the ball out of bounds whenever a receiver isn’t open instead tear off down the field and go head-to-head with the biggest defenders in the league? The added threat of a great rushing passer keeps defenses on their toes and makes games more unpredictable. Very fun.
  3. Who doesn’t love an underdog? David vs. Goliath. This unorthodox, scrappy team’s on-field leader has been told since he was drafted that he’s not cut out for the NFL. First they said he’d never win a game. Then they said he’d never have a string of wins. Then they said he’d never make the playoffs. Then they said he’d never win a playoff game. Now they’re saying he’ll never beat Tom Brady’s Patriots. I know who I’m rooting for 🙂
  4. Every time this guy gets criticized (and he does, constantly, from every direction), he just stays humble, smiles and keeps on doing what he’s doing. If you know who you are, and are confident, you can succeed despite the most withering attacks from anyone. I love that.
  5. All of his charity work, even if he weren’t a Christian, makes him a great person. There’s the Tim Tebow Foundation. Through it, he’s builing a hospital in the place of his birth (The Phillipines) for the people there, and there’s the W15H deal where he meets with children with disabilities to encourage them like Bailey Knaub.
  6. How often these days do you see an NFL player who actually WANTS to be a role model to kids?
  7. This guy is genuine. Whether it’s kneeling after every success to give thanks to God, or keeping himself pure until marriage, Tim Tebow is a genuine Christian. Maybe he doesn’t know the message of the hour, but it seems to me he’s living what he knows, and I pray God always blesses him for that. Like it’s been said, “When asked about his team, he praises them. When asked about his coaches, he praises them. When asked about himself, he praises God.”

Win or lose against the patriots next week, I have a new favorite player in the NFL. I just hope they don’t have to play the Browns in the playoffs next year.

I’ll leave you with my favorite Tebow clip… they had a microphone on him all game when they had a come-from-behind miracle win against the Chicago Bears. Why is he so cool under pressure and criticism? Listen to him sing, “Our God is an Awesome God” as he takes the field…

My favorite quote from that video, “Dear Jesus, I need You. Please come through for me. No matter what, win or lose. Lord, give me the strength to honor You.

Does God care about who wins football games? I seriously doubt it. But, I truly believe God would honor and answer a prayer like that.

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  1. mrs.trooper says:

    Thanks for helping me understand who Tim Tebow is! I’ve been seeing his name a lot of Facebook! I’m not a football fan or sports in general but I watched the clip you posted and it really touched me. To find that kind of dedication to God and his upbeat, enthusiastic attitude is really amazing! I pray God blesses him!

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