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Thanksgiving Birthday Party

November 27, 2009 by sholdren

Today is Brianna’s 1st birthday! Happy Birthday, Brianna!!!

Yesterday, we had Thanksgiving at our house, and also had a little party for Brianna. We had over Brian’s parents and Sam & Kim & the boys. I’ll post a bunch of pics on Facebook later, but here are a few for now:

Brianna with her first birthday cake! It was confetti cake with cream cheese frosting.

All 11 of us gathered around the Thanksgiving table. We had dinner buffet-style because there was hardly any room for food on the table.

At the end of dinner, Silas entertained us with some lovely playing and singing.

My homemade caramel apples!

Brianna opening her presents. She got so many nice things! Thank you, everyone!

The birthday girl fell asleep in my lap. She even dropped her little baby biscuit she was eating. Here she’s wearing her new Robeez shoes from my Mom. I think they’re adorable.

Silas looking at the Christmas tree after everyone left. He’s really into Christmas and snow right now.

Silas and Brianna getting ready for bed! Nighty-night!


  1. Karisha says:

    Her cake looks cute and I love the carmel apples with the bow. Happy Birthday to Brianna!

  2. Mom Hoyer says:

    Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving! I love all the photos…you did a great job on Brianna’s birthday cake and the caramel apples look like they came from the store! You are a Pro! 🙂
    I also like your Christmas tree…cute photo with Silas standing there looking at the lights!

  3. e. says:

    VERY NICE Pictures…as usual 🙂 Love the Caramel Apples…nice touch…..Brianna is getting Cuter every posting 🙂 Happy Birthday Brianna ! Soon Silas will be taking piano lessons 🙂

  4. mrs.trooper says:

    Looks like a great party! Love Brianna’s cake and the caramel apples… it all looked beautiful! Give Brianna a big kiss from auntie and cousin Charlotte!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Loved the pictures! Brianna looked adorable in every pic, and the cake looked fantastic! Happy Birthday Brianna! We love you!

    Your caramel apples turned out awesome…love your serving platter too!

    Brianna’s Robeez are the cutest! My kids are all too big to wear them now! 😐

  6. mom holdren says:

    Sue, dad and I had a lovely
    Thanksgiving day! After working all night it was a real joy to be with our family.There cannot be enough said bout the wonderful meal that was prepared, and the food that was brought in just made it that much more special. The turkey was just awesome!!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work , it was all soooooo wonderful 🙂

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