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two reasons I’m a conservative

April 15, 2010 by tbholdren

I think that having children has greatly affected my political choices. Once you realize that, every time you say “gimme gimme gimme, take all the freedoms you want but gimme stuff Mr. Government!” that you’re actually stealing from the next generation (or, in a parent’s case, your own children), you begin to look at things differently.

You’re robbing them of their tax dollars, their liberty, and, ultimately, their future. As is always the case as a parent, you eventually put aside your selfish needs and wants and are compelled to do things with their benefit weighted above your own.

So, two more reasons I’m a conservative: Silas and Brianna.

Just a random micro-blog. I may do more, smaller updates in the future as opposed to the 300 word ones nobody reads 😉


  1. Aunt Kimmy says:

    Nobody reads? …You might be surprised.

  2. Andrew says:

    Freedom? Who needs it. Obama will take care of everything. Global warming included.

  3. Andrew says:

    As for your posts, more please! Long ones, short ones, and 140 character ones. That’s right. Get your Twitter going again! I for one would like to hear your thoughts about things on a regular basis.

  4. Mr.H. says:

    Speaking of Tax Dollars, I just heard that the USA is working at developing and then implementing a VAT or as we call it in Canada…GST.

    Here is one article I picked at random.

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