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everybody draw mohammed day

May 20, 2010 by tbholdren

There is a page on Facebook, which I will not link to, that currently is in a state of flux. Internet Jihadists are trying to bring down the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” page, a page made to protest the threats of violence throughout the last half-decade, from Muslims towards anyone who would dare to blaspheme by drawing an image, whether respectful or not, of their prophet Mohammed. (I will not link to it, and will suggest that NO ONE visit the page because it IS offensive to all, not just Muslims. I agree with the concept, but cannot approve of some very offensive imagery there, with even some directed at Jesus).

As I have said before, I am a Christian. I love and respect the Lord Jesus Christ. But I do not expect, nor require, everyone around me to do the same. It is our God-given right (free-moral agency) to believe what we want, to obey whatever religious code we wish. No man has a right to enforce those codes upon others.

I wouldn’t want anyone to disrespect Jesus Christ, but I would die for their right to disrespect him, because it is that same freedom from religion that gives me the government-protected right to worship how I choose.

Some suggest that we should censor ourselves in an effort to reach out to Muslims in respect and “understanding.” That we should obey their religious traditions in some noble effort to bring them out of the dark ages. This is an appeaser’s argument, trading freedom for (peace and) security. Such people deserve neither. (Thanks, Benjamin Franklin.)

I think Michelle Malkin’s post sums up my feelings on the issue quite nicely. Very good read.

p.s. Do NOT click that link on Michelle’s page to the EDMD page unless for some reason you want to see some VERY offensive imagery. Final warning.

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  1. Andrew says:

    The Western Standard, a magazine published in Canada, printed a number of Mohammed drawings. Certainly nothing offensive and definitely not as offensive as some “art” you see.

    The article author and magazine got into a human rights complaint. I bought a copy of that issue in support of free speech and the right to print things without being bullied.

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